A Monday in the sun.

A bright cold morning bird watching at Meon Shore and Titchfield Haven.

A female Stonechat at the edge of the reedbed.

A solitary male Pochard – although a fairly common UK winter duck this is the 1st I have seen this year at Titchfield Haven and in fact the first I have seen here for many years so I am hoping others may arrive in the coming weeks.

Just one Great Crested Grebe out in the sea today fairly close to shore but I have seen up to 8 recently their numbers also increase significantly in the winter. Their colours really tone down this time of year.

Today’s highlight was a relative of the Common Snipe which have been in the haven in large numbers this year (over 100 spotted on some visits) was a Jack Snipe. These smaller birds are present in fairly good numbers but are shyer and spend much of the time hidden in the reeds. They are smaller and have shorter beaks. They also bob up and down when feeding. I managed to get a few pictures (not as close or as sharp as I would have liked maybe next time!).

A short film showing the bobbing.

I have added a Common Snipe picture to give a comparison.

As usual, a flock of Sanderling were resting on the shingle.