Clouded Yellow.

This Clouded Yellow is the first I have seen this year and in fact the first I have seen for several years. They are a medium-sized, butterfly. It is a migrant species that fly here from North Africa and southern Europe. They appear in small numbers most years, but occasionally turn up on mass.

Dry spell.

Water remains short in our local patch due to the drought grass is brown and many of the water holes and ditches have dried up boggy areas are much dryer than this time last year. One advantage appears to be the lack of Ticks as I have only had one or two on me this year whereas last year I was getting those numbers per day!

The lack of water for the wildlife got us thinking about using water as a way to attract animals to our trail cameras. Last week we sunk a washing-up bowl in a local ditch where we had placed cameras in the past and filled it with water. In 2021 our trail cameras at this spot had filmed a Buzzard bathing in the ditch. It worked – see footage below it starts with 2021 Buzzards bath and moves on to last weeks recording at the same spot with a dry ditch.

Mint Moth.

The mint moth is a day-flying moth. I have seen these tiny moths on our garden mint plants. Mint moth caterpillars feed on mint plants. These pictures were taken in our local wet meadows on wild water mint plants.