An early start.

So with a hot weekend forecast and today being a Bank Holiday, we decided to walk locally and make an early start. So at 05.00hrs, we were out in the fields. Picture quality is not too bad given the slow shutter speed needed for the low light.

We had seen a Barn Owl locally on a couple of evenings and had hoped to see him hunting in the morning but sadly he was a no-show.

We did see several foxes and a Roe Buck and Doe.

A Green-woodpecker

Views from the South Down’s

The South Downs Way is one of 15 National Trails in England and Wales. It stretches from the once capital city of England and the cathedral city of Winchester in the West, nearly 100 miles to the city of Eastbourne in the East.

Further to my post yesterday focusing on Hares here are some further Hare photographs, views and other wildlife on the South Downs Way.

Roe Buck crossing the farmland.

More Brown Hare shots.

Red-legged partridge.

Trail camera footage.

OK it is not a David Attenborough production but our trail camera footage from the New Forest has griven us some interesting results. This post gives further clips of life around New Forest badger Setts, I hope you have time to take a look.

One clip shows good interaction between 2 badgers I hope some youngsters may be about later in the season. There is also a clip in day time of a passing herd of Fallow deer.

Camera collection.

A few pictures that I took while walking in the New Forest to collect our Badger sett trail cameras which had been out in the forest for a week.

A juvenile Fallow deer Buck. He will be a magnificent beast in a few years.

A small herd of juvenile Fallow deer hinds.

It was nice to see a Grey wagtail they are a relatively rare bird with a population of just 38,000 breeding pairs in the UK. They are, subsequently, classified as Red Status bird due to this low number.

Eye to eye.

A short walk in the New Forest this afternoon became one of those stand-out moments. Walking among flowering Gorse bushes turning a corner I came face to face with this Fallow Buck.

After a few seconds of watching each other, I was hoping he would let me raise my camera before running off or running at me! Not to worry he just looked at me allowing me to photograph him before I backed away and he walked off.