This week, Stonechats – Male – Female – and Juveniles are abundant in the New Forest, many Juveniles have now fledged and left their nests.




The UK breeding population is 65,000 pairs

7 UP.

Not the well-known fizzy drink but the number of relatively newly hatched Mute Swan cygnets on Hatchet Pond in the New Forest.

I will say no more and let the photographs do the speaking – the only words I could find were ” just so cute.”

Trail camera footage.

OK it is not a David Attenborough production but our trail camera footage from the New Forest has griven us some interesting results. This post gives further clips of life around New Forest badger Setts, I hope you have time to take a look.

One clip shows good interaction between 2 badgers I hope some youngsters may be about later in the season. There is also a clip in day time of a passing herd of Fallow deer.