Around the water hole.

Around a small pond, a lot of Dragonflies (Common Darters) were mating and dipping. It seems late in the year so I wonder if this is because of the drought we had in the summer and the loss of egg-laying water at that time.

In the above picture there a 10 Dragonflies this was just a small amount of the actual there!

Afternoon visitor.

This afternoon we had an uninvited visitor into our conservatory I was able to get a few photographs before I netted this big Dragonfly and released her into the garden.

This Dragonfly is a female Southern Hawker Dragonfly. Length: 70mm

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Keeled skimmer.

The Keeled skimmer is a medium-sized dragonfly. Males are pale blue, with grey-blue eyes; females are yellowy-brown with a black line down the middle. This male dragonfly was in the New Forest this morning. It is a dragonfly of heathland with shallow pools. They are on the wing from June to September.

Little things.

A walk in one of our local nature reserves a pocket of land squeezed between 1980s housing developments.


In the UK we call these little bugs ladybirds I know in other parts of the world they’re known as Ladybugs.

Common Darter Dragonflies.

Green Dock Beetle.

Ruddy Darter dragonfly.

Common frog.

Moorland wanders.

A Moorland walk in the New Forest this morning.

Common cotton grass has fluffy, white seed heads that dot boggy moorlands and heaths its bright heads show up across the landscape which looks like something has been dropped until you get close enough to see it is a seedhead. Despite its name, common cotton grass is a member of the sedge family, rather than being a true grass.

In the winter we came across a small pond on the moor and decided to return in the summer as it

looked like a good site for Dragonflies, we returned today and it was.

Female Broad-bodied Chaser.

Male Broad-bodied Chaser.

Male Emperor Dragonfly.

Female Emperor Dragonfly. Egg-laying.

A Male Stonechat keeping its distance from the pond.

Foxgloves are now in full flower.

Fallow Deer are never far away on a New Forest walk.