June Butterflies.

Butterflies I spotted in the South of Hampshire during June. Suddenly we are in Butterfly season the sun has come out and so have the Butterflies.

Ringlet. A Butterfly that is often seen at the edge of fields and along woodland rides.

Marbled White. This is a handsome butterfly which we see in fairly large numbers in selective fields where it has been uncultivated for many years and the grasses have gone to flower and seed.

Below – A Marbled White pair mating (female on right.)

Comma. These dark orange-brown butterflies we spot only in small numbers but they are always worth a closer look.

Small Skipper. Often confused for a moth this is a common butterfly in our local fields.

Meadow Brown. Is a bit of a non-descriptive butterfly which can easily be overlooked.

Peacock. The large eye markings are unmistakable on this large Butterfly.

Speckled wood. Another butterfly that enjoys sunny spots in our local fields especially on brambles at the field edges.

Small Blue. (I believe). A small blue butterfly this one is on a Bramble flower.