New paint job.

One of 6 murals which have been painted across Hampshire, all depicting sea creatures.

As well as this lobster on the harbour master’s office at Warsash on the River Hamble other sea creatures are at Hythe Pier, & Ocean Village in Southampton and others on the Isle of Wight.

Candy Stripe spider.

Common Candy-striped Spider Enoplognatha ovata.

This spider can reach a length of 6 mm (excluding legs), and their legs are translucent. This spider’s globular abdomen is extremely variable in colour and pattern their background colour is white/cream or green and can be marked with a row of dark spots, a broad red stripe or with two red stripes in a v-shape. Despite its small size, this spider can prey on insects many times its size. 

Egg Sack.

This spider was within a field of thistles.