Originally moored at Calshot Spit, this lightship was a floating lighthouse at the entrance to Southampton Water. It guided flying boats into their terminals and warning ships of sandbanks at the Brambles.

Six crew lived in cramped conditions keeping the light and foghorn operating. It was replaced by a buoy in the mid-1960s.

Bearded Tit.

They are small brown, long-tailed birds, a bird of the reedbeds.┬áMales have black ‘moustaches’.They are sociable and have a noisy, call.

With modern thinking – scientists have decided this is not actually related to the tit family. It was removed from the tit family and instead placed in the parrotbills, before further research revealed it belonged alone in its own family, “Panuridae”.

Now known as Bearded reedling or Bearded Parrotbill but to me, I will stick with what I know them as!

Thursday morning I was lucky to spot a flock of 16 birds at Titchfield Haven. They were some way off but I was able to capture some acceptable images of these pretty birds.