Birdwatching in the wet.

Some days when the weather is not good and rain prevails it is a real washout. Today was one of those days so I went for a short walk at a small local nature reserve not expecting to see much let alone take some photographs.

However, despite the rain, and fairly low light it was a successful nature walk.

On one of the small gravel pits were a number of Great-Crested Grebes which added a splash of welcome colour.

These grebes are well-known for their elaborate courtship dance, during which they rise out of the water and shakes their heads. During the breeding season, they have an impressive plume on their heads and orange ruff around their necks.

A number of Greylag geese were also in one of the pits. They are the largest and bulkiest of native wild geese found in the UK and Europe.

A Moorhen making a run for it back towards the water.