Cadman’s Pool.

After getting our COVID booster shot today we headed into the New Forest. Cadmams pool near Stoney Cross Airfield. Opened in 1942, it served both the Royal Air Force and United States Army 9Air Forces. During WW2 it functioned primarily as a combat bomber and fighter airfield. It closed in January 1948.

Locals routinely leave birdseed on the ground or on posts in the copse next to the pond, So it is a good place to spot some of our small woodland birds close up.

Male Chaffinch.


Coal Tit.


Marsh Tit.

Marsh Tits and Willow Tits are very similar and difficult to tell apart, here at Chapmans Pool it was the Marsh Tit enjoying the sunflower seeds.

You are never far from deer or fungi in the New Forest.