Still a ruin.

The last time I saw the price for Fort Gilkicker it was on the market for £5 to £5.5 million. With planning consent for 26 luxury flats- that was in 2019 and the estimate for conversion was £18 million. Today the site remains a ruin. Sadly this historic building decays further each year.

The day before.

I spent a Christmas Eve outside on the beach enjoying the open air and nature that was around. The Sanderlings were doing what they do most of the time – sleeping on the shingle and then dodging the spray and waves bathing and feeding.


Stay safe

Whelk eggs.

The common whelk is the largest sea snail found in the sea around the UK.

They lay their eggs in a spongy mass of up to 2000 eggs on the seabed. Once hatched, these balls of empty egg capsules often wash up on the shore.

The first whelks to hatch will eat their developing siblings to give themselves extra energy to help them survive.

This large mass of eggs shows most of the whelks have not yet hatched. Empty egg capsules dry and the lightweight balls blow up the beach, in the past, it has been said sailors used them like a sponge.

Early morning flight.

A still and calm – quiet morning until the morning flights startup!

With a wingspan of 208-238 cm – about 7 to 8 feet a Mute Swan is a large bird in flight its wing flapping sounds like a gate that needs a good oil – you can hear the power and these morning flight break the silence of calm over the pound.

Two Moorhen waiting for their departure slot! I have not seen Moorhen’s up a tree before.