3 thoughts on “Solent views.

  1. So WordPress didn’t migrate me to the new blog as none of these posts appeared in my Reader. I clicked Follow just now so that should fix it.

    WordPress advised me that external files are not stored in the Media Library so they don’t count against your storage limit. That’s why I opened the Flickr account, but when I tried to post a Flickr photo into a blog post, all I saw was a link address.

    This confused me because linking from Picasa or Photobucket would display the actual image on WordPress. So I figured I would just use Flickr as backup storage to free space on WordPress. But this morning, I tried again to display a Flickr photo on WordPress and it worked!

    The mistake was pasting the link in the Visual editor. The URL link has to be pasted in the Text editor, but I knew that. In any case, when I previewed the blog post, the image was displayed and it didn’t appear in the Media Library.

    What this means is that I don’t have to upload photos to WordPress. The free storage will “never” fill up. All I have to do is upload the photos to Flickr then paste the link to WordPress. No need to delete photos or start a new blog.

    This is why I used Picasa and Photobucket. Google stopped supporting Picasa, and Photobucket became unstable and bloated with adware.

    Are you still uploading to WordPress or linking from Flickr?

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      • It would be a bit of a task but I was thinking of emptying the Media Library and linking all the photos from Flickr.

        As for the deleted files, the recovery software restored 6 GB’s of data which is going to take awhile to review. Plus, I’m working on the other blogs and YouTube so WordPress may have to take a back seat.

        A couple of fellow vloggers started their channels at the same time — about ten years ago — and they have between 600,000 to 750,000 subscribers. They are earning a very comfortable living but were totally focused on making videos.

        When does a hobby become a career? I guess when you start making money — but is it still as much fun?

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