Early morning flight.

A still and calm – quiet morning until the morning flights startup!

With a wingspan of 208-238 cm – about 7 to 8 feet a Mute Swan is a large bird in flight its wing flapping sounds like a gate that needs a good oil – you can hear the power and these morning flight break the silence of calm over the pound.

Two Moorhen waiting for their departure slot! I have not seen Moorhen’s up a tree before.

3 thoughts on “Early morning flight.

  1. Loved seeing the Moorhens. Have never seen them before. Such a beautiful blue color. The Mute Swan is beautiful – good job of catching them in flight. Their wing span is the same as the Trumpeter Swan.

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  2. I’ve not seen a Moorhen, but do see the Mute Swans which are considered an invasive bird here (in Michigan anyway) and that is because they rip up aquatic plants to eat and it destroys crustaceans embedded within. I see Mute Swans, but in the water, very rarely in flight.

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