Heron on a grey day.

A pair of Grey Herons spotted at Titchfield Haven, these large gangly birds have quite a character and remind me of a prehistoric creature from the times of the dinosaurs.

Length:90-98cm Wingspan:175-195cm Weight:1.5-2kg

According to the RSPB, some 13000 birds nest in the UK each year, their numbers increase in the winter months to 63,000 birds (October to March).

Herons nest in colonies called ‘Heronries’. In the top of trees, they make large nests out of twigs. They lay 3-4 eggs. The young birds will fledge after about 8 weeks.

Saving Lives and sea.

Hamble Lifeboat was formed in 1968, as the Southampton Water Inshore Rescue Service by local residents in response to the number of casualties occurring in Southampton Water and the Rivers Hamble, Itchen and Test. The RNLI also has a Lifeboat based across Southampton Water at Calshot point.

Hamble Lifeboat call out to a lone kite-surfer causing concern off Hill Head 3rd January 2021.