Purple Haze!

Further views of Ring-necked Parakeet in a Southampton City park.

The urban myth claims that Jimi Hendrix released the first pair of parakeets, called Adam and Eve, as a symbol of peace when he was stoned in London’s Carnaby Street in 1968.¬†Another rival theory maintains that the birds escaped from the UK set of The African Queen in 1951. However, birds were reported in Britain as far back as 1855 when one was seen in Norfolk.¬†

Classed as an invasive species with a growing population especially in London the Government is considering a cull of Ring-necked Parakeets however The RSPB is not in favour of a cull at this time they believe it is important that the spread of the ring-necked parakeet is monitored and it’s potential for negative impacts on our native bird species assessed.

The birds are a pair.


The RSPB state the UK population is now 8,600 pairs. I had seen them in the past in London but to see them close to home was a great treat.