A flash of a red bill or a flash of white stripes on the flank. A Moorhen is on the move.

Moorhens are a common wetland bird in the UK found on rivers canals ponds lakes and near wet ditches.

Getting to know you.

Black-headed gulls have started to pair up – and hence the “noise” has returned To Titchfield Haven. The screech of their call extends all around the reserve and will dominate until nesting season ends at the end of the summer.

Some of the birds are starting to get the breeding colours – their heads are changing to dark brown -which at a quick glance appears black and where these birds get their name from.

The bird below with yellow bill and legs almost caught me out as to what it was but it is a Black-headed gull in first winter colours so probably one of the chicks from last year returning to its nest site.