If you go deep into the woods.

If you go down to the woods today what can you see?

A full day in the New Forest collecting our trail cameras from one of the active Badger Setts we have been monitoring. Some good footage of both Badgers and Fallow Deer.

Film 1 Badgers. (trail camera)

Following the Norman Conquest, King William I, designated the land as a royal hunting forest, reserved for the private use of the King and invited aristocracy. In the process over 20 small hamlets and farms were removed. It was the only forest described in detail in the ancient Domesday Book. Two of William the Conqueror’s sons were killed in hunting accidents in the New Forest. Today Deer roam free in many areas of the New Forest.

We came across several small herds of Fallow Deer, all young deer and hinds. The only shooting today was with cameras.

Film 2 Fallow Deer (trail camera).

Very windy weather on our walk but this male Chaffinch was holding on and singing his heart out – not easy filming with the tree moving so much in the wind.

Film 3 Chaffinch ( sound on to enjoy fully his singing).