Action in the colony

The black-headed gull is the UKs commonest small gull.┬áThe black-headed gull has actually a chocolate-brown head in the breeding season (In the winter their heads turn to mainly white ). I have posted pictures many times before as they are a common sight both on the coast and inland area where we live. There is a large breeding colony within Titchfield haven nature reserve. Now we are into April the colony is noisy with birds displaying pairing up and squabbling over nest spots. Many bird watchers will overlook this spectacle for rarer birds that visit our shores. Apart from the noise each year I look forward to this gull’s breeding season.

Length: 35-38cm
Wingspan: 1m
Weight: 250-330g
Average lifespan: 11 years

Black-headed Gulls are opportunistic feeders, they will eat most things taking invertebrates and plant materials, seeds bread, and are fond of chips thrown by tourists at the seaside.