Drunk in charge.

Roadside historical monument.

Over the years I have passed this monument on the A40 it has been slowly deteriorating this week I spotted it had been restored. It is said to be the first memorial in the UK to note drunk driving! The road was quiet so stopped to take a closer look.

“This pillar is called mail coach pillar and erected as a caution to keep from intoxication and in memory of the Gloucester & Carmarthen Mail Coach which was driven by Edward Jenkins on the 19th Day of December in the year 1835, who was intoxicated at the time & drove the mail on the wrong side of the road and going at full speed or gallop met a cart & permitted the leader to turn short round to the right and went down over the precipice 121 feet where at the bottom near the river it came against and ash tree when the coach was dashed into several pieces. Colonel Gwynn of Glan Brian Park, Daniel Jones Esq of Penybont & a person of the name of Edwards were outside & David Lloyd Harris Esq of Llandovery Solicitor and a lad of the name Kernick were inside passengers by the mail at the time and John Compton outside.

3 thoughts on “Drunk in charge.

  1. Interesting they did this? I’m shaking my head over this. We had a vehicle slam into a local post office yesterday and it was ahistoric building – trashed beyond repair. It was a medical emergency they say. And yesterday we had a horse take off while pulling a tram at Greenfield Village and there were minor injuries only but they euthanized the horse.

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