Town Hares.

15 model hares are being displayed in my home city of Southampton as part of an interactive art trail. They have been in the city since June but are off towards the end of August. Each sculpture is 6ft tall and features its own unique design painted by artists in collaboration with Wild in Art. Today I found 10 of them.

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14 thoughts on “Town Hares.

  1. I LOVE this sort of public art project, even if temporary! The rabbits are wonderful, so creative. Years ago I worked in Everett, a small city north of Seattle. One summer they hosted a public art display: old pianos destined for the dump, rescued and whimsically painted by local artists. Some of them were playable, and people did!

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  2. That’s a fun art project that I would enjoy seeing … the second-to-last hare has hares on his hairs! We have the museum artwork that is scattered around various parks. I featured the ones in our City, but I also have taken some museum art at a Metropark as well.

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