Valley of the Rocks.

Camper van trip {pt2}. Valley of the Rocks or Goats

Valley of the Rocks is a dry valley that runs parallel to the coast in north Devon, near the village of Lynton. A spot visited by tourists for years to walk and see the landscape and geology.

There is a herd of feral goats wandering, in the valley, A herd of 75 goats were recorded in the valley in the Domesday Book in 1086. In 1976 the current herd was introduced to the valley when it was realised that they had a role in controlling the vegetation growth. I have visited the valley and seen no goats other times I have had to walk up the rock outcrops to see them but when we visited this week many came down near the car park.

Exmoor Red Deer.

Camper van trip to Exmoor. {Pt1}

Returning to our campsite and as the light was starting to drop we spotted a herd of Red Deer young Stags (males) and Hinds (females). From the lane, they were interested in us as much as we were in them after a good look at each other they moved off back into the woodland.

Red Deer are the UK’s largest deer. Males have large, branching antlers, increasing in size as they get older. The Stags spotted are young animals given he had fairly small non-branching antlers. Red Deer live on moorland and mountainsides, as well as grasslands near to woodland. They are common in Scotland, particularly the Highlands and Islands. Red Deer are also found in the Lake District, Exmoor, as well as the New Forest.