Getting ready for summer.

Further Pictures of Black-tailed Godwits

In April or early May, wintering Black-tailed Godwits will soon undertake their journey back to their breeding ground in Iceland. Most will have left by mid-April or early May. Before this journey, they will need to build up their energy and the rather boring grey plumage, is discarded, to be replaced by their summer colourful, feathers. The rich breeding colours act as camouflage in the habitats of the bird’s nesting grounds.

Full Summer Colours.
Starting to change to summer colours.

Godwits get quite vocal and have little spats over the areas where they are feeding especially if they encroach on each other’s space.

The Coot.

A member of the rail family Coots are a medium-sized waterbird that has a plump appearance. Coots have an almost entirely black plumage, They do have a white bill and a white shield over the forehead. They feed on the surface and will also dive down for food.

Also, watch the Coots relative a Moorhen have a go at the Coot!