A host, of golden daffodils.

A short local walk to collect our trail cameras some nice views of a Muntjac deer on one of the cameras. Introduced from China to the UK in the 20th century. Although an invasive, non-native species today they are protected in the UK under the Deer Act 1991.

Some facts about this small deer which is about the size of a medium-sized dog.

Length: 77-91cm
Shoulder height: 45-52cm
Weight: 10-17kg
Average lifespan: 10-13 years

Wild Daffodils are now out in flower which gives a splash of colour to this dull time of year, I am glad we are moving into spring. Also known as the ‘Lent lily’ or ‘Easter lily’ this native Daffodil is smaller than many garden varieties. They are found in damp woods, fields, grassland and orchards. It is a rare plant but can be abundant in some areas.