A host, of golden daffodils.

A short local walk to collect our trail cameras some nice views of a Muntjac deer on one of the cameras. Introduced from China to the UK in the 20th century. Although an invasive, non-native species today they are protected in the UK under the Deer Act 1991.

Some facts about this small deer which is about the size of a medium-sized dog.

Length: 77-91cm
Shoulder height: 45-52cm
Weight: 10-17kg
Average lifespan: 10-13 years

Wild Daffodils are now out in flower which gives a splash of colour to this dull time of year, I am glad we are moving into spring. Also known as the ‘Lent lily’ or ‘Easter lily’ this native Daffodil is smaller than many garden varieties. They are found in damp woods, fields, grassland and orchards. It is a rare plant but can be abundant in some areas. 

9 thoughts on “A host, of golden daffodils.

  1. The Muntjac is cute, but yeah, animals should be left to thrive in their normal habitat rather than moved around by us. The wild Daffodils are GORGEOUS, especially growing at the base of trees. Like Peggy, I’m expecting snow tomorrow, so I’ll have to be patient for spring to arrive here.

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  2. Beautiful flowers – I like Daffodils; they are so cheery. You are far ahead of us with your Spring-y colors. We have Snow Drops, the only flower I’ve seen along the way in my walks to the Park and I wonder how they fared today as we started off with a real feel of 4F (-15C) and ended up with 40F (4C). There was a snow squall and a 20-car pile-up. The weather is beyond erratic.

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      • I wondered if you were away Andy, as there were no posts (I scroll through Reader, even when I’m behind reading/commenting). If our snow drops live after being pelted with ice, snow and rain, they will likely be bedraggled.

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      • When I worked on site, I did that because a few days away from work was more refreshing that a week at a time. When I came back after being laid off, I agreed to no vacation since I only worked six hours and from home all the time – I have to talk to my boss about that as I feel like I am scrambling around all the time, never relaxing. I heard there was a new Omicron variant and it was detected in the UK … only a matter of time before we all are on high alert like before. Thank goodness for nature to buoy us.

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