The Black seam.

Coal mining in Wales is an industry of the past and the scars of mining litter the landscape. The black seams of coal became too expensive to mine and carbon-based fuel lost favor as a form of energy. Big Pit today is the National Coal Museum of Wales. The pit was a working coal mine from 1880 to1980. Big Pit is part of the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape a World Heritage site.

Big Pit has a depth of 300ft – underground tours are available which I have done in the past but due to covid, I decided to stay in the open air on this visit. At its peak in 1923, this one mine employed 1,399 in coal production.

Lockers and Shower block.

Restored locomotive being returned to the museum site.

Some facts:- In 1913, 232,000 men worked in 620 mines. The largest number of men ever to work in the Welsh coal mines was 271,000 in 1920.

2 thoughts on “The Black seam.

  1. Interesting post. They certainly litter the landscape with rusting machinery from these mines. We have some coal mines in America. I know they still work a coal mine on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. I lived on the reservation 18 years and know the Indian Tribe made a lot of money with their coal mine.

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