Around a lake

Over the water – on the water – and under the water. A few hours at Swanick lakes, once a clay pit for Bursledon brickworks. Today the area is a nature reserve with a mixture of woodland, lakes and meadows. The site is managed by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wifelife Trust and is spread over 35-hectares.

Dragonflies and Danselflies

Downy Emerald Dragonfly. This one is a male as it has the bulging tip

Common Blue Damselflies.
Female Emperor.
Female Emperor egg-laying.
Four-spotted Chaser.


Fish. I have never fished and I do not know which species of fish this is. They are large about 2 feet long.

4 thoughts on “Around a lake

  1. Saw a blue damselfly this afternoon and gave up trying to photograph it – too fast and flighty (pun intended)! Your photos are impressive, as always.

    I wonder if that fish is a carp? I grew up on a lake in Washington state that had them. They’re huge, and always scared me when they swam near the surface on warm summer days, right where I wanted to swim! Apparently they’re boney, so not valued by those who fish.

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