Little things.

A walk in one of our local nature reserves a pocket of land squeezed between 1980s housing developments.


In the UK we call these little bugs ladybirds I know in other parts of the world they’re known as Ladybugs.

Common Darter Dragonflies.

Green Dock Beetle.

Ruddy Darter dragonfly.

Common frog.


5 thoughts on “Little things.

  1. Enjoyed all your creatures. Those dragonfly wings are so delicate. The ladybird photos really show all the little details of what I call – cute little bugs. Ha Have never seen the Ruddy Darter Dragonfly before – such a bright red body.

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  2. Insects can be beautiful … these I am not fearful of like centipedes and spiders, though that glow-in-the-dark beetle might give me cause to pause if I walked down the hall in the dark in the early morning.


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