Finally able to get some fairly close pictures of a Glossy Ibis in Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve.

These birds breed in parts of Southern and Southeast Europe and are only occasional visitors here. In recent years sightings here have become more common. This year I have seen up to 4 birds at one time in a couple of locations on the Hampshire coast.


Length: 55-65cm
Wingspan: 88-105cm
Weight: 630g

Views from the bridge.

The bridge over the entrance of the River Meon where it enters into the Solent via Tichfield Harbour is always a good place to spot some birds. Today with the high winds. there were a number of birds sheltering out from the wind below the bridge.

Our first view over the bridge gave us a view of 2 Little Egrets and a Grey Heron.

Later on, there was a Cormorant perching on the branch where the Egret was earlier.

On the other side of the bridge in the harbour was a Little Grebe.