Local male Muntjac.

Chinese muntjac deer was introduced to Woburn Park in Bedfordshire at the start of the 20th century. A very small, shy stocky deer, the muntjac deer is about the same fox. It is gingery-brown, with a pale underside, darker stripes in its face, and small, single-pointed antlers. It also has a short tail. It is now considered a common animal across southeast England and can be found in woodland, parkland and even gardens. Muntjac deer are also known as ‘barking deer’ because of their dog-like calls.

We have filmed this Male deer a couple of times over the last 2 years on our trail cameras – we are yet to see him in the flesh!


8 thoughts on “Local male Muntjac.

      • After the reading, I asked the www, if muntiacs were also to be seen anywhere in Germany, because I thought, they were not, but I found, that in some areas they were added to the endemic nature and now become invasive.
        They look funny and nice, but I was surprised to learn, these deers also take small animals for their meal – is this info correct?

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      • The following is a google-translation-link to read the article of a german hunting magazine in English, where I found this, see “Some Problems” (Einige Probleme):
        “However, the small deer are not purely herbivores, because they also capture small vertebrates and bird eggs.”

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