Tarr Steps Clapper bridge.

Tarr Steps is a clapper bridge across the River Barle in the Exmoor National Park, Somerset, England. 

Its age is unknown, as several theories claim that Tarr Steps dates from the Bronze Age but others date them from around 1400 AD. The stones forming the spans weigh between one and two tons each. Over the years the bridge has been badly damaged by floodwaters and branches floating down with the flood and smashing into the bridge. After the flood of 1952 debris has been trapped by cables strung across the river upstream of the bridge. These cables were damaged in 2016 and failed which caused the bridge to be damaged so again had to be repaired.

While visiting the steps workmen arrived to remove a build up of logs.

log build up.

Upstream, the log catcher looks like a damaged suspension foot bridge.

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