In velvet.

Some great deer spotting today 3 young Roebuck allowed us to approach and pass where they were resting. Each deer had different sized antlers and it was good to see them “in velvet”. I am sure our local deer know us and tolerate us walking in their habitat they quietly watch us pass I am sure they are thinking “it’s those chaps with cameras again stand still and they will walk past”.

The appearance of Roe deer changes throughout the year. They have a bright red-brown fur in summer, fading to a duller shade of brown in winter which is how they appear at the moment. These deer looked strong and healthy despite it being the end of the winter.

6 thoughts on “In velvet.

  1. What do deer think about when they stare at people? They’re probably wondering why we’re staring at them. Are we a threat? Should they run? But most likely, they’re entranced by our clothing. Deer can only see blue and green so blue jeans or a green shirt would really stand out. Many people wear blue jeans to go hiking so deer most certainly see us before we see them.

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  2. I did know about the colours deer see David. I am normally in Woodland Camouflage when in the wild. Hunting is not like in the USA so as long as you have no dogs with you a keep a distance running is the last option in our local woods.


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