The morning before we were due to be hit by Storm Dudley and Eunice. A red weather warning of 90mph winds in some parts has been forecast.

After a very windy night this morning (Saturday 19/02/22) it was time to come out from our cover following the passing of Storm Eunice through the south of the UK.

We did not come out unscathed a brick gate post had been forced over and a fence had broken off!

News reports are giving reports of many trees down with buildings and cars damaged. Early reports are saying 3 or 4 people have been killed.

With high tides and the wind still strong the seas remain rough.

A short trip to collect some trail cameras left in local woodland the cameras were safe despite the destruction in the woods.

Although it was late morning we spotted a Badger out in daylight – he was running across the field towards us he had not seen us until he was very close, once spotted he changed direction. I nearly did not bring a telephoto lens out with me today but I have been caught out before! This encounter brightened up the day.

7 thoughts on “Storms.

  1. I’ve been hearing about Eunice over here and wondered how you were faring. Not so good by the looks of your fence, but at least the trail cameras were salvaged. The Badger is cute – I’ve never seen one and it looks a little like a skunk with a misplaced stripe.

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