Nunney Castle.

Camper van trip {Pt 4}.

Nunney Castle in Somerset dates from the 1370s. It was built for Sir John de la Mare, a local knight. His castle was inspired by French castles seen on campaigns. The castle was modernised in the late 16th century, the castle was besieged and damaged by the Parliamentarians in 1645, during the English Civil War.

Today the ruin is picturesque the moated tower is well preserved and dominates the centre of the village.

Sir John de la Mare and other lords of Nunney Castles are buried in the village church. The Church is a grade1 listed building dating from the 12th century it is said it was built on the site of an earlier church dating from an earlier Saxon or Norman Church.

Some views of Nunney Village.

5 thoughts on “Nunney Castle.

  1. Wow – I found this so interesting. What a nice quaint village. The Castle and Church were very impressive. Those are caskets with the figures of men on them – right? I found that very very interesting. History that dates back centuries.

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    • Yes, Peggy stone caskets with the Knights in armour as the lid (others of their ladies in best dress), these are common in old churches here. What is interesting the clothes gives such an insight into the people as they are life-size. I think many were painted so in full colour originally.

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      • Wow – that is so neat. I have never seen anything like these caskets with life size people of stone. I bet some of them must be very colorful. I need to look closer at your pictures. Need to show these to my husband and daughter. History is surprising at time and one of my favorite subjects.

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