Dry spell.

Water remains short in our local patch due to the drought grass is brown and many of the water holes and ditches have dried up boggy areas are much dryer than this time last year. One advantage appears to be the lack of Ticks as I have only had one or two on me this year whereas last year I was getting those numbers per day!

The lack of water for the wildlife got us thinking about using water as a way to attract animals to our trail cameras. Last week we sunk a washing-up bowl in a local ditch where we had placed cameras in the past and filled it with water. In 2021 our trail cameras at this spot had filmed a Buzzard bathing in the ditch. It worked – see footage below it starts with 2021 Buzzards bath and moves on to last weeks recording at the same spot with a dry ditch.


12 thoughts on “Dry spell.

  1. Hello, Andy. I always enjoy seeing your photographs and videos but since you started having advertising on your posts I find it difficult to visit. You do not have to approve the posting of this comment but I need to share with you how distressing I find some of the advertising images that accompany your posts. It really puts me off visiting your site and several others that I have been following for years. It is only natural that bloggers might want to earn some money from advertising but there are frequently horrible pictures of things like enlarged prostate glands and defecating dogs and so forth. It seems so incongruous next to lovely images of dragonflies and birds. I don’t want to look at the advert images and it upsets me. I think you are probably completely unaware of the adverts that your visitors see. I hope you do not mind me telling you this.

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    • Hi .So Sorry you are seeing this content. I completely understand and feel the same as you. Sometimes I see advert on my post other times I do not. I feel it must be WordPress as I use the free posting platform as l am not in a position to fund a paid for part of the site. I recieved no income from the site advertising. Adverts I would want to see would be positive organisations I support, such as RNLI, WWT, RSPB and local Wildlife trusts.


      • It didn’t used to be like this. I cannot remember when this type of advertising started. Maybe a year or so ago. It is inappropriate given the content of the posts. I will message WordPress with my comments.

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      • I am not certain about that because the same problem has arisen with other blogs that I have followed for many years and they have always had a large number of visitors. I think maybe this type of advert has been deliberately introduced by WordPress as a policy for all the basic blogs.

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