Turnstones in August.

Turnstone on Meon Shore – The numbers of these little birds are increasing on our shores as they return from their arctic breeding ground to winter but they are present for most of the year in the UK as the non-breeding birds often stay through the summer. Birds from Northern Europe pass through in July and August and again in spring. Canadian and Greenland birds arrive in August and September and remain until April and May. Known in other countries as Ruddy Turnstone the “Ruddy” has been dropped here. Their colours are more muted in nonbreeding plumage. In the picture below the bird on the right shows breeding colours, the bird on the left colours has started to mute.

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3 thoughts on “Turnstones in August.

  1. Andy, I have the same complaint about YouTube’s recommended videos. It used to be that you could insert a tag at the end of your video’s URL that would reset your video to play after it was watched rather than show the viewer recommended videos at the end.

    I mean, it’s okay if they recommend videos from your channel, but often you’ll see totally unrelated videos from another channel.

    Businesses, in particular, don’t like this. Imagine if you are an antiques dealer and you use YouTube to present your most interesting items — but at the end of your video is a recommended video from another dealer! YouTube will show related videos, but not necessarily your videos.

    It’s the same with the WordPress ads. You don’t endorse the ads. You may not even be interested in the product or service, but there it is for your readers to see.

    I’ve been thinking lately that advertising has become far too intrusive. Mass media only exists to sell things. It’s probably why ad-free streaming has become so popular. People are fed up with ads.

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      • That is a huge problem on American television. New Zealand and the United States are the only two countries in the world that allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise on TV.

        They spend billions of dollars to sell their drugs — everything from bowel and prostate treatments to conditions I’ve never even heard of. The drug companies are turning us into a nation of hypochondriacs.

        It’s really gotten out of control. I can’t even watch commercial TV anymore. No one wants to see this stuff.

        Of course, WordPress would say, “If you want to eliminate the ads from your blog then upgrade to a paid plan.”

        In the end, it’s all about the money.

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