After the rain.

We left home in heavy rain this morning and it looked like my walk into the New Forest may be a washout however the BBC weather forecast was correct and by 9.30 the sun was out and the Autumn colours were looking good.

Fallow Deer are the deer that most visitors to the New Forest see. Although not a native species, to the forest. The New Forest was William the Conqueror’s first hunting forest in England, and the hunting of fallow stags took place for over 900 years until it was outlawed in 1997.

I only saw one Stag but he was worth spotting and decided to sit down rather than move on!


6 thoughts on “After the rain.

  1. Beautiful stag with equally beautiful antlers, so different that what I see on white-tailed deer and elk here in the U.S. More like the antlers of moose. I’m glad the fallow deer are no longer hunted.

    Great photos, as usual, Andy, of nature’s bounty.

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