A Christmas Day walk.

Christmas day was spent on a reasonably quiet coast, sadly the weather was damp and dull but at least we had no rain.

The Great Black-backed Gull is the largest gull in the world they have a length: of 64-78cm with a wingspan:150-165cm {5ft} Weight:1-2kg

A powerful bird with a domineering attitude.

Many of our usual birds were resting on the beach.

Common Ringed Plovers.



Single Dunlin with Sanderling.


8 thoughts on “A Christmas Day walk.

  1. Wonder what they’re saying or singing! Singing carols? Nice photos and thanks for identifying them. Hope you had a great Christmas! We are having a very rainy one…it’s a relief because our CA drought was ongoing for years. Maybe this rain will pull us out of this years-long drought.

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