Warsash towards Hook.

Today we decided to walk from Warsash quay at the mouth of the River Hamble down Southampton Water towards Hook.

Some different birds spotted as well as some usuals.

A little way from the car park at Warsash you pass Warsash Maritime Academy which is part of Solent University. It is said to be the only maritime training provider of its kind in the world. Offering150 accredited deck, engineering, interior, maritime and offshore training courses.

Ship lifeboat training station always looks interesting. Training was taking place as we passed by.

There were a lot of Wigeon just off the beach. A medium-sized duck they are an Amber List species

Wigeons breed in central and northern Scotland and also in northern England. In the winter large numbers visit UK sites, from Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia.

UK breeding:400 pairs

UK wintering:440,000 birds

A little Egret and a Turnstone.

There were a number of Curlew on our walk a bird we tend to see across Southampton Water at Fawley and very rarely in Titchfield Haven.

The Curlew is the largest European wading bird, recognisable by its long, downcurved bill.

UK breeding:66,000 pairs

UK wintering:140,000 individuals

A Redshank feeding on worms.

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