Stoney Cross.

An early start in the New Forest with breakfast in the van before a frosty walk on the remains of Stoney Cross airfield.

Stoney Cross airfield was one of the larger wartime airfields within the forest. It was active between 1943 to 1946, It remained open after the war until it closed in 1948.

Stoney cross had three runways with the main runway, 2,000 yards (1829 metres) long. The second runway, was 1520 yards (1390 metres) and the shortest runway, at 1366 yards (1249 metres) long.

Sadly most of the concrete had been stripped from the runways by 2000 and used as hardcore in road construction. The outline of the runways can still be seen in places as well as remains of other concrete bases.

Parking at Cadmans Pool as a starting point to head off on foot across the site of the old airfield on Ocknell Plain. Apparently, the pond was dug around 1960 to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the plain.

On arriving today the pond was iced over at the temperature was -4, so a cold start.

A group of Fallow Deer strolling on the plain. There were some fairly handsome stags in this herd.

Away from the Stags in the wooded area were groups of young deer and females.

As usual, the trees around Cadmans Pool is a great place to observe and photograph small woodland birds.

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