Up the Hamble.

(Part 1 History). A walk today from Warsash up the river Hamble to Bursledon. About 2.5 miles each way on flat footpaths. The Hamble remains tidal on this stretch of the river.

From medieval times it has been a major ship and boat-building area. Many major boatyards were on this part of the river. Today it remains a yacht building area.

Many major ships were for the Royal Navy. Some details https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Ships_built_on_the_River_Hamble

As the mature Oak was used much of the larger wooden shipbuilders relocated to the New Forest.

Warsash to Hamble ferry shelter. In the winter the passenger ferry only runs on weekends the shelters on each side of the river as well as the ferry are painted pink. You can see the boat coming!

As you walk along the river you pass many hulks and wrecks.

Many years ago I remember doing this walk when you had to pick your time to do it – making sure the tide was not too high as there were places where stepping stones were needed to be used to cross places where the water flowed into the marshes at the edge of the river. Now bridges ensure it is an easy walk for all.

Even a coffee break is now possible which many dog walkers were making use of.

Old bouys, and boat storage.

Artwork “bullrush” statues.

At the end of the walk is the old hamlet of Burseldon by the river it is a conservation area. There is a row of tiny cottages much extended at their rears – in the Napoleonic Wars with France, these were shipwright cottages.

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