Up the Hamble.

(Part 2 Birdwatching). More from a walk today from Warsash up the river Hamble to Bursledon. Today’s birdwatching observations on a rather dark and gloomy day

Brent Goose. These small geese are a similar size to a mallard. They have a black head and neck and greyish back, with either a pale or dark belly, depending on the race, most of the birds I see. local to me have a dark belly. I always find them difficult to get a decent photograph of them due to their dark colour on the mud, their eyes seem to disappear! I was quite pleased with these 2 shots despite the dull conditions.

A Meadow Pipit.

Little Egret. This bird was fishing alongside the footpath.

A Curlew;


Many of the birds were a long way off on the mud, a large flock of Dunlin a couple of Shelduck and some gulls.

A male Wigeon.

4 thoughts on “Up the Hamble.

  1. Hallo Andy, das sind sehr schöne Fotos von Vögeln , die ich auch alle samt aus meinen Beobachtungsgebieten kenne. Wo genau machst du solch schöne Fotos.
    Habe eine friedvolle Zeit Werner der Vogelknipser.

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