After storm 3!

Another stormy night as the 3rd storm lashes the UK in as many days. Many trees are down on local roads and places closed. Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve remains closed since the end of last week as authorities need to check the trees are safe.

The Red Funnel Isle of Wight ferry was having a choppy crossing this morning. Some services were cancelled over the weekend.

A workforce was out repairing the seawall at Titchfield Harbour.

On the shore, Sanderlings were feeding at the water’s edge and out of the wind. Sitting down on the beach using one of the groynes as a windbreak I was able to take some pictures as the feed today clams seem to be on the menu.

The ringed bird is a regular bird that I see on Meon Shore.

4 thoughts on “After storm 3!

    • The Sanderlings are often ringed up in the artic where the have their nests. The colours are a code. I tried reporting these but never had a reply for any ringed Sanderling. However I have for both Godwitts Swans and Avocets but these we all ringed in the UK.

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      • I was surprised so many rings but using them as a code is better than the metal bands which can sometimes dig into the bird’s legs and cause an infection. I cannot say I’ve ever seen a ringed/tagged bird here in the U.S. but I just may not be looking at the right place.

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