An afternoon at the Beach.

Thursday I spent some time on the beach and filmed the flock of Sanderlings enjoying the afternoon’s sun.

This post is a movie only, Please note it runs for a little over 8 minutes. Is best viewed on a phone screen & the sound is only the beach and wind so best watched on low volume or off.

4 thoughts on “An afternoon at the Beach.

  1. Always enjoy the videos. The wind is very strong in San Diego, so I bought one of those shielded microphones for my camera. It mounts perfectly onto the hot shoe, and plugs into the camera’s mic port.

    It does a great job at muffling the wind while capturing the ambient sounds of the ocean — birds and waves, and such — or the fellow from Scotland who enjoys serenading the sunset with his wonderful bagpipes.

    In some cases, I simply delete the audio track and replace it with free music from YouTube’s music library.

    [This morning, I discovered that I can copy the image HTML from my Blogger posts, and paste them into the WordPress text editor. It works like a charm, and because the images are stored at Blogger, they don’t fill up space in the WordPress media files. That might be a practical solution rather than deleting photos, or starting a new blog.]

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