A duck’s life.

Not a nice side of a duck’s life. SENSITIVE CONTENT.

While theoretically monogamous, Mallard ducks will often engage in what used to be called “rape chases,” but are now known as “forced copulations.” This involves several males chasing a female and then forcefully mating with her – So brutal is the act it has resulted in the female’s death when she has been drowned by the males holding her head underwater.

In Titchfield Harbour 9 males Mallards pindown a single female.

She was able to get herself out of the water and onto the beach.

Finally, the brutal attack was over and she was able to get away.

8 thoughts on “A duck’s life.

  1. Wow is all I can say Andy and I am always writing how social ducks are, like that Canvasback with the Mallard, acting like they were kin. This post sure exposes the seamier side of life as to ducks, male ducks in particular. That is awful and brutal and I hope I never see this happen.

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