Deer stalk

Today we decided to go on a deer stalk but very soon decided it might not be such a good day for it as they were cutting the bracken where we were walking. Studies have shown that management of bracken stands should be reduced because the excessive build-up of bracken litter causes a decline in species diversity leading to a negative impact on the conservation interest of the bracken-dominated habitats.

However walking deeper across the heath and in to small pockets of mature woodland we soon spotted a number of Fallow Deer. (Bucks)

At first the herd moved away but settled down and watched us trying to blend in with our environment.

Further on after seeing this young bucks we spotted a small herd of hinds slipping away into deep woodland.

3 thoughts on “Deer stalk

    • Interesting thought – the only thing I can find is our area is dryer than in the past and the Brecken does not like the wet boggy areas so perhaps as the heath has become dryer due to climate change it has become more of an issue but with management the amount of it in the New Forest seems about the same as it was 20 years ago,

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